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Who Do We Work With?

Seva Omar

Seva Omar is a talented female singer-songwriter from Virginia with experience recording and mixing at both of our studio locations. She’s worked intimately with producer Devin Spear to compose original instrumentals, as well as mixing with engineer Conrad Osipowicz for her upcoming releases, both covers and original material.¬†Seva says:

“I love helping people. I am extremely compassionate. When a person is in pain, I carry the pain like its mine. I realized music is the only universal language, where I am able to connect with people of all races, ages and backgrounds.” Her passion extends beyond just festivals, and music venues. SEVA has a passion for collaborating with humanitarian organizations and¬†foundations that support different causes. She has performed for events/organizations such as Fight for Children’s Annual Fight Night, The American Red Cross, Preemptive Love Coalition, Boys and Girls Clubs, among others.