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Kinslea is an alt-pop artist from rural Virginia who mixed, recorded, and mastered each of her debut tracks at Blue Room Productions with producer Devin Spear and chief engineer Conrad Osipowicz. Her first release “Don’t Follow Me,” which debuted in December 2016, featured a melody-driven, downtempo sound. Her first EP “Sub Rosa” – recently released in June 2017 – includes five musically distinct tracks from the upbeat, bass-driven “Shadow Walker” to the raw, piano-accompanied “Daydream.”

“I had gone through many producers before working with Devin at Blue Room Productions and I am certain that working with him and Conrad was the best thing that could’ve happened to my developing music career. Devin was able to capture the exact sound I wanted after so many other producers fell flat, and was great at coaching my vocals in the recording booth. The process of creating all of these tracks was certainly the best part of this EP, but I could not be happier with the end-results.”