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His Dream of Lions

In Ernest Hemingway’s novel, “The Old Man and The Sea,” the main character experiences recurring dreams of lions playing on the beach. Even with the knowledge that they could drown, the lions carry on, representing a sense of adventure the old man once had. By taking the name, His Dream Of Lions, comprised of Seth Coggeshall (guitar/vocals), Blair Kilner (bass), Colby Witko (keys/vocals), Jack Dunigan (drums), and Nick Jones (guitar) hope to be reminded of the ambitious spirit they promised never to lose.

His Dream Of Lions has been generating a buzz since their inception. The Fairfax, Virginia rock quintet have built up the support of a loyal and ever-growing fan base, and shared the stage with the likes of 3 Doors Down, Jonny Craig, Aaron Carter, and Australia’s Got Talent winner Joe Robinson. On the heels of success from a critically acclaimed cover of Lana Del Ray’s “National Anthem.” the band hit the studio with esteemed producer Benjamin Green (Fairweather) to record their debut double EP, a concept record inspired by their love of storytelling. The opening track “Novel” from “Part One” released in March of 2014 has gained significant commercial success, climbing to #7 on the NMW Top 40 Chart, and #7 on the NMW Hot 100 Singles Chart. Following the positive reception of their debut, the band reunited with producer Green to piece together a well rounded eponymous EP. Released in October 2015, the self-titled effort includes the latest single, “Danger Close” along with a music video once again highlighting the quintet’s ambitious love of storytelling premiered via FUSE as a short film, in the shape of a longer, Oscar-nominated one.

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