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Blue Room Music: The Evolution of ‘Made to Break’ By Debassi

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    One of my dreams was not to just make good music, but to make good music that means something, and could influence the world. I want my music to mean something TO the world. Of course, the reality is that only a few million people would actually relate to my particular style. A lot of people are more worried about their next meal, and not my next song. I read somewhere this week that 2/3 of the population is unfortunately living in poverty.

    Nonetheless, my music is an outlet to my happiness, my hopes and my anger towards the terrible things going on across the globe. But, it is also my inspiration. With this album “I Am Debassi” I wanted to delve into the fast-paced world of EDM and Dance, but add a flare of Rock and Jazz. This was majestically supplied by the inclusion of live percussion by Thomas Morris.

    Before I stepped foot into the Blue Room recording studio, I spent a few months composing the majority of the music and melodies with my guitar and my voice. I transcribed my music into Finale software, and meticulously adjusted the minute aspects of each instrument. The goal was to do Dance, so instead of live pianos, guitars, etc., a final drum take was recorded in Blue Room over a rough production version and then the MIDI file and the live drums for each song were sent to my co-producer Jerome Lawrence. Jerome is a Logic guru and has a better knack of that art than I. He arranged each piece and added his own flare. After his arrangement was finished for each song, I did final vocals and mixing and mastering with Blue Room.

    Needless to say, I wanted this album to “change the world” as people say, or at least make people’s blood pump—and possibly curdle—when they think about all the terrible things going on around the world. I wanted it to also make people rejoice in the happiness and excitement that there is to be had, when you don’t look at the negative past, and instead look to a better future.

    Here is the final version with live drums, full production, mixing and mastering:

    – Debassi (Composer, Guitarist & Singer)
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