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ALL WORDS BY Kath Galasso

One of the realities of concert-going is you usually never purchase a ticket based on the opening act. Of course there are exceptions, such as when bands share double billing, or if you personally know the opening band.  Generally however, we don’t look at a line-up and decide to see a show for any other reason than the top billed act. But how about actually seeing the opening act?

Arriving at a show after the support band(s) is fairly easy to calculate if you have no desire to expand your musical taste, but you might miss the chance to see a future chart-topper in their infancy. No band starts out as a headliner, even the best have performed their set squeezed in front of the headliner both in time and stage presence. In reality, it takes a lot of entry-level experience for a drummer to see his kit on a riser, and not be the kid brother on the stage floor. And even if you eventually become a Gold Record artist or Grammy winner, you’ve probably played some nights where the crowd had zero interest in seeing you perform.

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