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    In previous blog posts, we’ve given you tips on what to do to prepare for a session, but what about the don’ts? There are mistakes that are commonly made that can really hinder your project.

    First, a lot of people think that they need to change the strings on their guitar or bass right before their session. While you don’t want to have year old strings on your instrument, changing the strings hours before your session can cause big problems in how your project turns out. In addition to the new strings settling and quickly going out of tune, new strings tend to give your recording a harsh, bright sound. To get a better sound, change the strings a couple days before your session.

    The other common mistake is using brand new cymbals while recording. Even older cymbals transmit high frequencies so well that when you record with new cymbals, they tend to sound very bright and brittle. Lathed cymbals are especially problematic. To get a better sound, use cymbals that are a little broken in.

    Of course, sometimes you may want those harsh high frequencies that new strings and new cymbals produce.

    Keep in mind, singers can also prepare for their session incorrectly. While it is important for a singer to be well prepared with their song, it is easy to over do it and strain your voice. Also, it is crucial that singers know their lyrics and song structure to save time in the session. To prepare for a session, it is important for singers to rest their voice, drink green tea with honey, and avoiding caffeine.

    While Blue Room Productions has many plugins and outboard gear that we can use to polish your music, it is always better to get a great sounding recording before using any effects.

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