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    mobile-phone-426559_640Social media is crucial to spreading your message and your music, but there is a fine line between over doing it and not being present enough.

    When planning your social media content, the majority of your posts should build your brand in some way. What you post on social media is how the public is going to view you so everything you post should relate back to what you as an artist represent. Whether it’s a picture of you in the studio, setting up for a live gig, or practicing, you’re giving the public a glimpse in to your artistic process.

    Another smart way to use social media is to support other local bands, recording engineers, or artists. This builds a sense of community as well as allowing you to network with your peers. This can result in more show opportunities, new people to collaborate with, and even promotion on your peer’s social media pages.

    Finally, this may seem counterintuitive, but self-promotion should make up the least amount of your posts. This is where most artists seem to over do it. If you constantly post about an upcoming show or song release, it tends to be bothersome to your followers. However, there are countless creative ways to workaround over sharing. For example, you can do track-by-track posts with interesting facts about each song that your followers wouldn’t otherwise know. By doing this, the posts you’re making are more like branded posts than self-promotion posts, but your followers still see that you have new material out that they might be interested in. Basically, keep your posts interesting so that your followers don’t feel like they’re having your product shoved down their throats.

    And for those seeking that extra social media boost, Blue Room Productions offers Artist Leap Promotion Campaigns where we can put your music in front of thousands of potential new fans, radio station managers, local venues, and other artists through website and social media channels.

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