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Off-Site Photography

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    Does Your Band Have An Upcoming Show Or Performance?

    Blue Room Productions offers great rates for shooting off-site photography at a location of your choice in the Washington D.C., Maryland, or Virginia area. You’ll receive the same professional attention and photography service offered in the studio, presenting you with great headshots, band photos, or performance photos from a local gig. Here’s what’s included:

    • A CD or USB memory stick prepared at the end of your performance or photo shoot with the untouched photographs (typically around 100-200 photos per shoot, depending on the length of your performance or photo shoot)
    • After reviewing the pictures, you’ll choose your favorite 25 shots to be re-touched and processed using Adobe Photoshop CS5. Our team of photographers will take your chosen photos a step farther to enhance and highlight your favorite pictures, giving you the professional look you see in our photo samples below.
    • You’ll have the option of having your chosen photos posted to the Blue Room Productions Blog, giving you the potential traffic of 2,000 new, unique visitors a month seeing your shots, hearing samples of your recorded music, being linked to your website, and informed about your upcoming CD releases and performances.
    • If you’d rather your pictures remain private, Blue Room Productions can offer a private photo slideshow hosted on our web servers. This allows you to give a private link with a name and password to your friends and family to show your music performance.

    Pricing Information

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    Photography Equipment

    Download a PDF brochure of our Photography Equipement

    • Nikon D300 (12.3 megapixel)
    • Assorted prime and telephoto lenses
    • Hasselblad 203FE (70mm medium format)
    • 35mm fisheye, 50mm, and 60-120 mm lenses
    • Metz 50MZ-5 Flash
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