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Mobile Recording

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    With Mobile Recording, We Bring Our Studio To You!

    Why leave the comfort of your home for recording services? Let Blue Room Productions come to your home, office, school, or event with our mobile recording rig. We will bring our portable Pro Tools setup, as well as all the necessary microphones, headphones, cables, stands, and even instruments to make your mobile recording as comfortable and professional sounding as possible.Whether you plan on recording your band at home, a speech or seminar at a hotel or convention in downtown D.C., or a live outdoor performance, let Blue Room Productions take care of recording and documenting your event or musical endeavor. Need a video recording of your event or performance as well? Make sure to check out our high-definition videography services.

    What Do You Get With Mobile Recording?

    • Rate includes engineer (and assistant, if necessary) coming to your provided location. Perfect if you prefer to record in the comfort of your own home, at a school, a church, a public event, or another facility.
    • Blue Room Productions will bring our own microphones, stands, recording equipment, cables, and headphones. Audio will be multi-tracked into Pro Tools. After the material has been recorded at your location, mixing & mastering services are available at the hourly studio rates listed above.
    • Instruments available upon request.


    Click here for detailed pricing information

    Check out our Mobile Recording Gear

    Audio Recording Equipment

    • Pro Tools 11 HDX
    • Ability to record 16 inputs simultaneously at 192khz, 24 bit
    • Digidesign C24 – 24 channel digital control surface with 5.1 surround monitoring
    • Lipinski L-707A Signature 5.1 surround monitoring setup from Lipinski Sound
    • Dual Lipinski L-150 subwoofers (15” drivers)
    • Yamaha NS-10M’s
    • Studer ½” A807 for analog tape mastering
    • Studer ¼” A821 for analog tape mastering
    • Studer cassette deck for analog tape conversion
    • Black Lion Audio Modded 003 Rack converters for mobile recording
    • Black Lion Audio Modded 16×16 HD I/O
    • Focusrite Octopre converters for mobile recording
    • 12-core Mac Pro tower with 48 gigs of RAM, 512 GB solid state drive, CD/DVD/Blu-Ray burner
    • Propellerhead Reason
    • Plugins from Waves, McDSP, Massey, Izotope, Slate, Sonnox
    • Hamiltone LA-2A tube compressor
    • UA 1176 x 2
    • Urei LA-3A x 2
    • SPL Transient Designer x 2
    • Lipinski L-629 compressor x 2
    • Lipinski L-619 EQ x 2
    • DBX 176 stereo compressor
    • Tube-Tech LCA-2B stereo mastering compressor/limiter
    • Yamaha SPX-90 x 2
    • IGS Audio Rubber Bands Stereo Tube Equalizer
    • IGS all-tube preamps x 2
    • Neve 1073 preamp
    • Lipinski L-408 preamp x 2
    • Surround Dorrough meters for accurate metering
    • 2.4 Ghz Macbook Pro for mobile audio recording

    Our Microphones

    • Neumann M147 Tube
    • Neumann U87 x 2 (Vintage!)
    • Neumann TLM 102 x 2
    • Shure SM7B
    • Blue Bluebird
    • Oktava MJE-K47H x 2 (Neumann U47 Clone)
    • Audio Technica 4033
    • Audio Technica 4050
    • AKG C451
    • AKG D112 x 2
    • AKG 414
    • Shure SM57 x 4
    • Shure Beta 58 x 5
    • Shure Beta 87 x 2
    • Shure Beta 52
    • Sennheiser 421
    • Audix D2
    • Audiz D6
    • MXL 550
    • MXL 551

    Our Instruments

    • Orange County Newport Series Drum Kit (Kick x 2, Rack x 4, Floor x 4)
    • Roland V-Session drums with TD-10 module
    • Yamaha jazz bass
    • Jay Turser electric guitar
    • Taylor 12-string acoustic
    • Technics 88-key weighted keyboard
    • Orange tube guitar amp – TH30
    • Orange tube guitar amp – Tiny Terror
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