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Private Music Production and Recording Workshops

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    Recording Technology and Engineering Course

    Interested in learning the ins and outs of a commercial studio? Our course is accessible to novices and is meant to build confidence in each enrollee in general aspects of recording audio in a studio setting. Students will learn principles of audio that apply to every studio, home or commercial. This course is especially great for students looking to apply for an engineering focus in college.

    Class hours and fees: 4 hours per month (plus admission to our internship program), $350 per month

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    Comprehensive Assistant Engineer Course

    This is our flagship engineering course. We’ve hired graduates of this program as assistants and engineers in our studio. The course includes intensive training on the principles of recording – we discuss the physics of sound, electrical engineering principles (yes, Ohm’s law and impedance matching!), and get deep into methods of recording different instruments. We talk recording philosophy and aesthetics – learn about etiquette, client and producer interaction, and learn how to make the correct choices during the recording process to accommodate the outcome you or your client is looking for.

    Class hours and fees: 8 hours per month (plus admission to our internship program), $600 dollars per month

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    Amplifier Building Workshop       

    Each student will be educated on the function and topology of a classic guitar amplifier design, and then build, test, and troubleshoot their own amp. Students will each walk away with their own functioning tube guitar amplifier, and the knowledge to keep it running for a lifetime. No experience necessary but soldering skills are a plus!

    Class hours and fees: 20 hrs of instruction and build time – $750 plus materials (which vary from amp to amp – inquire about cost) group class only.

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    Electronic Music Composition and Production Workshop

    Private, one-on-one or group instruction available
    Skill Level: Beginner to Advanced
    No music or music production experience required

    This class a provides a comprehensive look into producing and arranging electronic music. Working with one of our experienced producers, you will learn how to take your own musical ideas and turn them into a recorded composition using our state-of-the-art recording facilities and our library of instruments available.

    The class also emphasizes the importance of communicating your musical ideas and instincts effectively with potential singers, rappers, or songwriters you will undoubtedly collaborate with in your music career. Learn how to quickly choose the right instrumentation, tempo, song structure, and musical key that works best for the vocal artist you work with. Instruction for this class is available in either Logic Pro X, Pro Tools, or Ableton Live.

    Through the class of this workshop, you will learn important concepts and philosophies of musical composition, arrangement, and production. Create and shape your own sounds and program drum beats using tools included in Logic Pro X and other industry-standard recording software. We will cover the basic technical concepts of mixing and mastering, but the majority of the class focuses on composition, production, and MIDI sequencing. You will come out of this class with all the knowledge needed to begin, or further, your journey into the wonderful world of music production.

    Class hours and fees: 8 hours of instruction per month, $600 per month

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