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Price List

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    Recording, Mixing, and Mastering

    Our studio prices at our Herndon and Bethesda locations are simple. 

    • Half-day (5 hour) sessions are $450
    • Full-day (10 hour) sessions are $800
    • Our current package special: Block of 15 hours for $1,000!
    • Any session shorter than a half-day is $100/hour

    Ready to schedule a session or have another question?

    If you’re ready to book a session, please fill out our Contact Form and we’ll get back to you quickly during studio hours. We would be glad to discuss your recording project and answer any questions you may have.

    Need to discuss your recording project with an engineer first before you’re ready to book a session? Contact our studio engineers.


    Audio Engineering and Music Production Workshops

    Learn how to record and compose music in a recording studio.

    Recording Technology and Engineering Course – $350 per month (4 hours per month plus admission to our internship program)

    Comprehensive Assistant Engineer Course – $600 per month (8 hours per month plus admission to our internship program)

    Electronic Music Composition and Production Workshop – $600 per month (8 hours per month plus consideration for our internship program)

    Amplifier Building Workshop – $750 plus materials (20 hours of instruction and build time)

    Custom Music Production

    Contact us for a price quote.

    Our experienced, multi-instrumental studio producers compose original, custom instrumentals in Studio B at our Herndon location. If you need a custom music track for your project, or if you have lyrics and a vocal melody but need an original instrumental to sing to, we offer flat rate quotes for any type of custom music composition.

    Unlike our half-day/full-day sessions offered above in our recording studios, our flat rates for music production allow our producers to dedicate an unlimited amount of time and effort into writing, composing, and tweaking your custom instrumental until you’re in love with the track. After your custom track has been finished by our team of producers, we welcome you to record your vocals in our recording studios.


    Music Videos and Live Streaming Performances

    Contact us for a price quote.

    Through our relationship with DC’s most experienced and talented cinematographers, Blue Room Productions offers high-quality live performance videos, live streams, or music videos for your project. Getting video content online should be an essential part of your plan as a band or musician. Work with our team of videographers to create a price quote for your project and build a vision for your music video.

    Our studio and our cinematographers have all the necessary cameras, lenses, tripods, batteries, studio lights, and other video equipment necessary to ensure a professional product you can use for press kits, website content, DVD or BluRay duplication, YouTube or Facebook streaming, audition videos, etc. Whether you’re an individual singer/songwriter or a full band, allow Blue Room Productions to capture your live performance for you.


    Mobile/On-Location Audio Recording

    $125/hr (2 hour minimum)

    If you prefer to record in the convenience of your home, school, church, event, or performance venue, let us bring our mobile studio to you. Our rate includes an engineer (and assistant engineer, if necessary) coming to your provided location.

    Blue Room Productions will bring our own microphones, headphones, and other recording equipment to your chosen recording location. Audio will be recorded and multi-tracked into Pro Tools, and a Pro Tools session can be provided at no additional charge. If you need additional mixing/mastering services, please see the studio rates listed at the top of this page.


    Event or Concert Photography

    Contact us for a price quote.

    Do you or your bandmates prefer to have your photo shoot done outside of the studio? Do you have an upcoming gig or performance that needs to be documented? We partner with Zach Miller of Z Miller Photography to offer great rates for shooting off-site at a location of your choice in the Washington D.C., Maryland, or Virginia area. You’ll receive professional attention from an experienced photography service that can present you with great headshots, band photos, or performance photos from a local gig.


    In-Studio Photography

    Contact us for a price quote.

    Your scheduled recording session or in-studio performance  is documented by talented DC music photographer Zach Miller of Z Miller Photography. See above for more details.


    CD/DVD Duplication Services

    Contact us for a price quote.

    With a variety of packaging options, work with us to get your next project pressed and duplicated with custom glossy album artwork and as many copies of your album as needed. We are a preferred partner with DiscMakers since 2009, the largest duplication house in the country.


    Album Artwork & Design

    Contact us for a quote

    Work with our network of local DC area artists and graphic designers to get custom album artwork, band logos or more for your next project. Our graphic designers are creative, artistic, and look forward to creating high-quality graphics based on your vision of the project.



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