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Music Therapy – The Process

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    Music Therapy Songwriting Recording StudioMusic Therapy: Getting in Your Zone

    Call it a happy place.  Call it home.  I’ve been a songwriter for the better part of 15 years.  Through hell and high waters, I’ve learned the hard way that it’s commitment to yourself, commitment to your craft that can truly bring you back from the brink.  We learn from those we love, those we hate, and those that make the biggest difference.  It’s what we take away from these experiences that really make us who we are.  

    Some songs come easy, while others can leave gnarly clumps of hair and scalp across the writing room floor.  Wherever you find your musical mojo, pick up a guitar and notepad and set up a base camp.  Crowded club, empty house.  Go there.  Listen for the notes.  Let the arrangement come to you.

    The studio is the ultimate experience for any songwriter.  This is where we finally get to go all out and experiment with ultimate sound and musical colors.  The right Producer can help you to see and hear things in your works that you never thought to be possible.  Your only job here is to step up to the mic and play.  

    There is no substitution for quality gear.  We don’t always have the luxury of so many amps, processors, or mics at our disposal.  This is a great benefit of bringing your artistic pieces into a studio.  If you’re looking for a professional sound, research the artists you draw your biggest inspirations from.  Find the right studio that can meet your needs and then some.  

    Writing From the Gut

    Music for me has always been the ultimate therapy.  The ultimate freedom.  There are no rules in the world of lyrics.  All that matters is the destination.  You may only get one shot to be heard, so say what you will and make damn sure it counts.  If you have the courage to stand up and shout (thank you Steel Dragons), you get up on that stage with no regrets.

    For some, it’s an outsider’s stare into a party across the room.  A sudden taste or familiar smell.  Others take the cards they are dealt, turn the bad times into a dissonant chord, and sing out the blues until they’re smiling from within.  

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    Tyler Currin

    99% of the time I’ve found that the gut knows best.  There is a simple test to this theory, get out there and play in front of strangers.  There is no better audience for new material than those who don’t know the first thing about you.  They have not yet decided if they like you or your taste in rock and roll wristbands.  You don’t know if they’re going to clap or walk away.  Personally, my eyes are usually closed so as not to be distracted, and it’s the time I feel the most alive.

    A few years back, I had the opportunity to speak with a professional.  It was just after one of the most traumatic personal events I have ever encountered, and at the time, I felt I was the only one on my side.  The wounds were still very fresh, and yet he asked me to relive the worst.  Each session, he would ask different questions circling the same events, until I was able to clearly see things from every angle of the room.  I vowed that though I felt I could not be saved, I would do everything in my power to somehow save another.  I channeled everything I had into writing music that, though may seem dark at times, always had a shimmer of light.  For all the things I cannot change, it was the music that gave me purpose.

    Two very important questions with no wrong answer:  

    Are you writing for yourself?  Are you writing for others?  

    Taking the Leap of Faith

    I had always planned to ‘take it to the next level’, but always allowed things to get in the way.  For so long I had put everything before my passions, and it had always left me wanting more.  One late night call from an old friend was all the push it took to finally bring the tunes out from my headspace and into my hands in the form of a physical album that I could be proud of.  He said, “Pick your four best songs, and let’s go to the studio.  Let’s do it for real.”  Four became six, became twelve.  3 months later I was standing in the vocal booth.   

    Taking Veda St to the studios in 2015 was a big turning point in my career.  From bedroom rocker and the occasional open mic night to regular paid gigs and a growing fan base on social media.  For the first time, I was able to hear these songs the way they were meant to be heard, and share them with the world.  Diving in head first and recording this album helped me to hook up with other great musicians that I’m proud to call my bandmates.  

    I understand how scary it can be to let someone else into the writing process after flying solo for so very long.  The right Producer will put your mind at ease and music to the test.  These guys help to find that extra something that you didn’t even know was missing when you walked in.  

    Surround yourself with people that have the tools and experience to help you get to that next level.  Do the research.  Listen to samples of their work and pick up the phone.  You make the call.

    Tyler Currin

    Tyler Currin Veda St Music Production DC Songwriting Recording Studio Washington DC Virginia Marylan

    Tyler Currin is the lead vocalist, songwriter, and guitarist for North Carolina-based rock band Veda St.  They released their debut album in November 2015 as well as a 5 song cover EP in early 2016. Veda St currently performs in and around the Mid-Atlantic Region and is in the process of writing and recording their follow-up album at Blue Room Productions which is scheduled for release in November 2017.



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