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    Rick C. Brownlee Jr. (known by his stage name “Jay Brown”) is not your typical musician or artist. Jay has a serious mission to raise awareness about the foster care system and to share his experiences through the unique hybrid of spoken word and hip-hop. Stream his latest track “When You’re Torn” right here on SoundCloud, and let us know what you think! Here are a few questions we had for Jay to try and understand the differences in managing a music career which doesn’t fall into the mainstream in terms of artistic format or message. A native Marylander, Jay Brown, creates poetry books which have interactive visual and audio elements. You can find out more about his various projects on his website. Follow Jay on Twitter.

    1. What was the first show you ever played?

    A: The first show I ever played was when I performed for my neighborhood’s annual event: “Scotland’s Community Nite-Out”. In attendance were Suburban Hospital Staff, Montgomery County Police Department, Residents & Visitors.

    2. How do you think the use of the “spoken word” in your music differentiates you from other artists?

    A: My Spoken Word is different from other Poets & Rappers because I implement my “FULL-VIEW” technique were I use different Voice Effects, Sound Effects & Background Beats and/or Instrumentals to let the listener get a True In-Depth Feel for what I’m trying to portrait in the piece.

    3. Do you think “spoken word” has a special ability to communicate your message as opposed to other mediums?

    A: Spoken Word DEFINITELY communicates the message that I want to get across in a very creative and clear method.


    4. What is your live show setup?

    A: I don’t do many live shows but it would basically be a Good Mic, Good Speakers & and a couple of my Performance Tracks to my songs.

    5. If you could have lunch with any figure in history, who would it be and why?

    A: I would like to have lunch with Bishop S C Johnson & Dr. Martin Luther King Jr because they were both Great Men who have went “Above & Beyond” for mankind and were great public speakers in their day.

    6. Who do you think will win the Democratic nomination for president in 2016?

    A: I don’t know who will win but I hope whoever gets the spot knows what to do in the spot and lookout for the best for ALL Americans.

    7. What do you hope to accomplish with your newly released track “When You’re Torn”?

    A: I want to bring awareness to what the foster care and the court system can really do to a family. It is also dedicated to my struggle with kidney problems as well as a “Reaching-Out” message to my sister “Marie” that the family hasn’t heard from in over a year.

    8. What was your favorite part of recording at the Blue Room?

    A: My favorite part of recording at the Blue Room is working with Conrad! He is so blessed with an AMAZING personality! Not only does he have Top-Notch Studio Gear but he’s simply COOL to hang around. I can have the Idea and then he can make it materialize and “Come to Life”! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

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