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    The DC metropolitan area is a hotbed of musical talent. From Marvin Gaye to Minor Threat, from Bad Brains to Chuck Brown, DC has produced many national acts that span multiple genres. While we all know and love these big time artists, Blue Room Productions wants to showcase and support talented, passionate local artists and bands. To do this, we are introducing a new series of blogs where we check out a local band or artist in a live setting and write a review about it.

    We will be going to DC9, Rock & Roll Hotel, the Black Cat, Velvet Lounge, and maybe even your friend’s basement! Anywhere we can find that true DC passion, we will be there to showcase the raw talent that our community has to offer.

    Now how do you get involved? If you know a great local artist and they have a show coming up in the DC area, post a link to the event on our Facebook wall and we just might check it out! We would also like to encourage artists to contact us to set up a tour of the studio. If you like what you see, we are more than happy to set up a consultation to talk about your next project!

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