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    Artist Brand Recording Studio Washington DC DMV Virginia Maryland Music ProductionWhen you finally make that decision to jump into the music industry as an artist, there is a level of satisfaction in your spirit…as it should be. This is a big and important step. But with this step, you always have to ask yourself, as an artist, “who are you?” Your brand and “brand story” is a critical factor in becoming a lasting and connected artist or musician.

    This question is one that should resonate within you as a new artist. Breaking into music is not an easy feat, and being grounded in who you are as an artist is one of the biggest keys to success in this industry. Think about what makes you happy, what makes you sad, what is your stage name, and why? Why did you even want to become an artist in the first place? These are questions that start the development of your brand as an artist.

    Why Should I listen to You?

    Once you’ve laid out exactly “who you are,” then you must figure out what makes you stand out or why someone should even hear you out? The reality is that everyone can sing, everyone can dance, everyone can rap….but what makes your craft more influential than the rest?  Remember it is 2016, so a lot of the “innovation” in music has been done and just recreated over time…so again “What you bringin’ to the table?”

    These questions help you develop your BRAND as an artist. Your brand is what people think of to recognize you, no matter what. Some artists brands are their voice. We all know when Mariah Carey is on the radio, because of her trademark high-pitched vocals. Just like we all know when a Tupac song is on by the way he flows his lyrics and his content. You could put his flows on an unrecognizable track, and still, know or at least assume that it is Tupac.

    Brand storyBRAND “Story”

    Your brand as an artist doesn’t have to only be how you sound. Your brand is knowing who you are, what is your story, what you bring to the table and being consistent in that. With Tupac, his story was deeper than being a gangsta rapper, he was a poet, an actor, and friend and these traits we portrayed outside of his music. Although social media wasn’t around in the 90’s, radio, tv and print media assisted in the brand making. Today’s artists and musicians have a better opportunity to create and tell their stories without the third party, through social media. 

    A strong brand will keep your current fans and capture potential fans or even music executive’s attention and have them remember you and connect with your work. If this happens often enough, you will have a budding fan base! Great ways to start that is attending local open mics, and starting small as you develop your brand as an artist.

    Local Opportunities:

    Depending on your genre, the Washington D.C. area has some amazing options, which include Gypsy Sally’s, Busboys and Poets (all locations) and Madams Organ. Each venue hosts weekly open mic and are great places to get a feel for your audience. Attending these open mics also help you learn how you stand out amongst other local talent.

    I look at the music industry, like a job interview. Hundreds of people applied for this ONE job, then maybe 25 of us actually got through the “who we are” phase, and can finally explain why they should hire us, which is the “what makes you stand out.” When they hire you, you must stick to your brand because that is WHY they hired you in the first place. 

    Stick to your purpose, stick to your brand and flourish in the industry.



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