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Turning Blue Room “sessions” into an EP

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    For a few years now, the Blue Room Productions Recording Studio is where I’ve seen my original music come alive. The whole process began in the fall of 2012, when I started recording acoustic demos with the Senior Engineer, Conrad Osipowicz.  That evolved into a full-band experience, and weeks later I was working with brilliant session musicians who are affiliated with the studio.  At that point, I started believing in the potential of these songs like never before!

    The Blue Room Sessions EP was released in early 2016, and features the most recently recorded cut, “Can’t Stop A Lady.”  This song is an anthem that celebrates and demands women’s rights, and I intend to distribute it as fully as possible.  Social change is a big motivator, and I believe everyone should hear this song.   While this collection only contains three songs, the disc encapsulates the summary of three years spent creating music at the Blue Room Studios.

    Prior to Blue Room Studios, I didn’t have much of a vision about where I wanted to take things, in terms of a career.  I had been playing occasional acoustic gigs on a solo basis, at a bar here or a restaurant there, but the idea of writing and recording my own songs had embarrassed me.  The home-studio like environment at the Bethesda facility was the perfect venue where I could open up and create something to be shared with the world, with confidence and without hesitation.  Making music is rarely a simple process; with today’s technology, more music is being shared than ever before.  But online, anyone can be a critic when hiding behind a computer screen.  The Internet can be unforgiving at times, but Blue Room makes recording music easy, and a lot of fun.

    Some of the biggest challenges musicians face today are cutting through all the “noise” and earning credit for one’s work.  The Internet is like double-edged sword:  it gives more artists than ever a platform on which to share our material, but the current culture of streaming music freely makes it even more difficult to reap the rewards of the long hours spent writing, arranging and recording these glimpses into our souls.  I kept coming back to Blue Room because for a musician, few things could ever be more gratifying than having a full-service studio experience.  Here at the Blue Room, I’ve recorded a video, collaborated with talented session players, and have recently taken more of an active role behind the mixing board.  It’s hard to think of a more appropriate name for this project than the one I came up with: “Blue Room Sessions EP.”

    This EP represents not only what I do, but I believe it also makes a clear statement about the capabilities of Blue Room Productions.  The tracks were recorded at both the Herndon and Bethesda facilities, and all had been mastered at the latter.  I’ll share this music with whoever is willing to listen.  Anyone who is interested in music production should get to hear what is possible at Blue Room Studios.  That’s where I learned to  believe in my music, and also believe that everyone should take a listen – why not, right?


    Hear Derrick Credito’s “Can’t Stop A Lady” below:

    By Derrick Credito

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