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Create a Promo Package [Shared Post]

TABFH 2 Having an informative and professional promo package can be the thing that sets you apart from other bands, whether you’re approaching record labels , promoting your own music , trying to get a gig , or if you’re an indie record label trying to drum up some interest in your bands. The following steps will help you put together a promo package that will rival any promo campaign run by a pricey PR company.

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4 Great Venues in D.C. to Visit for Live Music

TABFH 2 We often forget about the strong arts and music culture of the DMV, but I’m here to share 4 great venues in D.C. to chill, eat and perform your amazing music!

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Cage Free Voices and Blue Room Productions Studio

TABFH 2 Thanks to Blue Room Productions our students have an environment that will produce work that reflects who they are…Read more.

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How to Make Your Live Performance Sound Like Your Recordings

TABFH 2 If you are reading this, there is a chance that you fall into one of two categories: You are either reading this because you are relentlessly pursuing that never-ending quest for better tone, or you have realized that your live performances could use a little polishing and are hoping for a pair of fresh ears on the subject. As a full-time live and recording sound engineer as well as a performer, I hope you will find this advice comes from the heart to help you achieve your own vision.

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Build Your Network Outside of Musicians

Networking can become such a chore to because of the misunderstanding of its worth and the pervasive stereotype of “kissing butt” all the time to get where you want to go…and honestly, that’s NOT it. Building your musical network outside of musicians can be one of the most important things to enhance your career.

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