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Build Your Network Outside of Musicians

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    Build your network with others

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    Building your network can be a very daunting task for anyone. Even the most exuberant performer can have anxiety with having to get to know people on a personal and business level. I believe it becomes such a chore to network because of the misunderstanding of its worth and the pervasive stereotype of “kissing butt” all the time to get where you want to go…and honestly, that’s NOT it. Building your musical network outside of musicians can be one of the most important things to enhance your career.

    I want to deliver a few tips on great networking and how to use it to your benefit as an artist. Whether you are new or seasoned, the term “your network is your net worth” is all the more real.

    1. BE YOU. Music is about being creative and sharing your individual story or message. Don’t try to put yourself in a box of what you “think” you should look like, or think you should sound like. Bring all of you to the table.
    2. Join your local Grammy Chapter. The Washington D.C. chapter is a phenomenal resource if you are looking for a strong and influential community. Joining this organization, not only gives you the opportunity to have you music win an award someday, but it grants you the moments to rub elbows with the movers and shakers of this industry.
    3. Collaborate! When you attend music related networking events, be open to collaboration. Even if you are a rapper and you meet a dope alternative rocker, don’t be afraid to break that barrier. That could create a great and maybe even viral collaboration that helps both of you.
    4. Get to know people on the outside of musicians, these are your business managers, your publicists, you music writers, even your producers, and engineers. (yes, they may play instruments too, but they prefer to be behind the scenes, but are equally BRILLIANT!) These people give you a different insight on yourself as an artist and music as a whole. They will ask different questions than your guitar player friend, or your vocal coach. Be aware of the music industry in all its facets of gloriousness!

    Yes, the music industry can be quite “cut-throat,” but it IS a community, none-the-less. We all have bad apples in our neighborhoods, but it’s the good apple that make the world go round. 🙂


    Ok, now get to connecting, collaborating and creating the music we all can’t wait to hear!



    Antonice Jackson is a vibrant, organized and patient, tech-savvy communications professional with an immense passion for all things in music, entertainment, and lifestyle. With a diverse background that includes being an on-air radio personality, a founder and editor for a niche’ campus publication, corporate event planner and creative public relations specialist, Antonice brings an array of skills to support Blue Room Productions.

    Antonice leads publicity for Blue Room Productions and is the CEO of Audacious Publicity and Management Group. Connect with her on Twitter and Instagram!

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