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Blue Room Showcase: The Cowards Choir & Cannonball Cole @ DC9

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    As announced last week, we have created a new blog series entitled “Blue Room Showcase,” which will feature reviews of only local artists in order to showcase our area’s passionate and talented musicians. In our second installment, we feature The Cowards Choir and Cannonball Cole, who played a show with touring act The Rocketboys at DC9 on January 28th.

    Cannonball Cole is a three-piece alt-country band from Washington DC. Members include Cannonball Cole on guitar and lead vocals, Junior Say Say on bass and backup vocals, and Little Timmy McFarland on drums. They started off the night with an intimate crowd and had heads moving when they went into their first song. The lead singer (Cole) has a great voice that had just a bit of a country twang to it. They were upbeat, fun, and a great mix between country and alternative rock. After playing a couple of their original songs Cannonball Cole played a cover of Alanis Morissette’s “Head over Feet,” which was a crowd favorite. It was their first time playing it live and they nailed the song to the crowds delight. By the end of their set, everyone in the crowd was dancing and fully engaged.

    Cannonball Cole

    Cannonball Cole showcased by photographer Roxplosion

    After a quick set change, The Cowards Choir went on next. The Cowards Choir, also from Washington DC, is an indie-rock band that consists of Andy Zipf on lead vocals and guitar, Ryan Walker on bass and backup vocals, Ben Tufts on percussion, and Adam Neubauer on drums. As soon as they went into their first song “Break Free” from their newest EP, the whole crowd was moving. Their style and stage presence is relaxed and their musicianship is tight. Their percussionist (Ben Tufts) and drummer (Adam Neubauer) held down the rhythm section and kept in time with each other, never missing a beat. Zipf’s vocals are soothing and mesh wonderfully with the background vocals provided by Walker; they are a great pair. I also enjoyed Zipf’s guitar playing. His guitar parts were both technical and simple, perfectly accenting each song. The Cowards Choir was very well received by the crowd and the only time people stopped moving was when the music stopped.

    If ever given the chance to see either of these bands, I would strongly suggest to make the trip. You wont regret it, they’re both remarkable surprises.

    Click here to find Cannonball Cole’s EP My Brand New City Life, and here for the Cowards Choir’s newest EP Cool Currency.

    The Cowards Choir

    The Cowards Choir showcased by photographer Roxplosion

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