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4 Great Venues in D.C. to Visit for Live Music

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    With all of the craziness around the political culture of Washington D.C., it is important to find that place of fun and relaxation, especially as a musician. We often forget about the strong arts and music culture of the DMV, so we are here to share 4 great venues in D.C. to chill, eat and perform your amazing music or even just relax and hear music from other local talent.

    The Harry Bells would make Harry Belafonte quite proud! --Boundary Stone DC

    The Harry Bells would make Harry Belafonte quite proud! –Boundary Stone DC

    Boundary Stone which is located on 116 Rhode Island Ave. NW. is an expanded Bloomingdale pub with lots of room. Boundary Stone hosts a Monday night open mic showcase run by local folk singer Reed Doherty. Although it doesn’t start until around 10 p.m., the half-price draft beers keep any musician happy until their show.

    The Limerick Pub, located at 11301 Elkin St. in Wheaton, MD fills its calendar with live music four or five nights per week. Typically Americana and folk performers, rock bands, jazz trios and MORE!  There’s even a traditional Irish session every Wednesday that’s open to anyone with an instrument. Check it out!

    Then there is JoJo Restaurant and Bar, on the lovely, U Street at 1518 U St. NW. Their great music sessions occur Sundays from 12:15 to 3 p.m. If you love southern-inspired dishes and old-school jazz singing, this will be the place for you! No open-mic is offered, but go support a local band or singer one Sunday when you have some time!

    Human Country Jukebox at Madam's Organ

    Human Country Jukebox at Madam’s Organ


    A personal favorite is Madam’s Organ, at 2461 18th St. NW. I frequent the space, for its great happy hour,

    hilarious menu, fun bartenders and great live performances. They host open mics every Wednesday at the upstairs stage. If you don’t plan to perform, there is always a great band on the main level throughout the week.

    As a musician, you should get as much exposure as possible with your performances, but it is also beneficial to go out and support other musicians in their moment. Select one of these intimate venues and enjoy!



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