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    In an earlier blog, “SAVING TIME & MONEY: “THE WELL-MADE DEMO,” we mentioned how recording a demo (of your song) was a great way to get the most out of your studio time. Besides forcing you to have the song 100% written, there are two big reason why recording a demo is so helpful.

    Reason 1

    The first reason is that you can send it to your engineer before your scheduled session at Blue Room Productions. This allows your engineer to hear what kind of music you play and more specifically, what your song really sounds like. With this knowledge, your engineer can make informed decisions about what microphones to use, how to lay out the members of your band in the studio, and any other details that can eat up time during the session that you are paying for.

    Reason 2

    The second reason is that when you do a rough mix on the demo that you recorded at home, it lets the engineer hear what you had in mind for the song. Do you want it to be reverb heavy? Crushed with compression? Mixing your demo goes a long way in towards getting the final mix of the song just the way you want it.

    So experiment with mixing and microphone placement, record those demos, and send them to Blue Room Productions to get the recording that you want to hear!

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